What is Probate?

Here at TJP Wills, we are a Norwich-based company offering a range of legal services with regards to wills and estate planning, including probate services.  Probate refers to the estate administration process and generally involves the role of an Executor to administer the estate.

Our commitment to responsible estate administration allows us to offer our clients an incomparable structure, along with a comprehensive yet affordable executor as part of our probate services.


What’s the role of an Executor?

When it comes to the finer details of our probate services, an executor takes responsibility for handling the administration of an estate after death. They work according to the will, distributing any assets as the deceased has outlined. People can find this process quite daunting, so we can help you make sure the process is completed in the correct way from start to finish.

What if there is no Will?
There are also circumstances where a loved one passes away without having left a will, which also means they will not have appointed someone an executor. Whether one or both of these cases is true, it is important that the estate is dealt in accordance with the law, to make sure that any wishes are adhered to. Following the rules and laws of probate, it is possible for the family to appoint a professional and an experienced firm such as ours in order to act on your behalf. This relieves the burden of administrating the estate, which can be both time consuming and complicated complex.