Property Protection Trusts

For most people their most valuable asset is the family home.

A large part of investing in home ownership for many people is to have something of value to leave their children as part of their inheritance. A property protection trust ensures that your property assets are deal with in exactly the way you stipulate as part of your will.

When using a property protection trust will, one factor you may want to consider is guaranteeing that your children will be left your property in all eventualities, should your surviving partner or spouse meet someone new after your passing. Additionally, if you have children from more than one relationship, you can use property protection to make sure all your children gain a fair share of the property.

With a property protection trust, we can stipulate that a property is given to your children, whilst enabling your surviving partner to continue living there. Furthermore, this kind of trust could also be used to protect your home from being used as funding for residential care home fees, should you require this type of long term care.

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